7 kittens were born on            09 Oct 2020

1 girl e 6 boys (all auburn)
sire: Kinalikedi Baklava (Caly)     
dam: Kinalikedi Balin Tadi (Honey)



Click the picture to watch kittens’ video


19 Oct 2020

3 kittens were born on            25 Sep 2020

1 girl e 2 boys (all auburn).     sire:Frey Celtur                                    dam: Avyonah Yara


5 weeks old : Findik (sx), Fistik (centro), Feraye (dx)

23 Oct 2020

02 Oct 2020

10 Oct 2020


03 Oct 2020

If you are interested in receiving information about kittens, please send me a message through contact form

There are also some adult cats for rehoming.


My cats are for indoor only.

I hand over my kitties only who guarantee the safety in home with windows, balcony, terrace and garden with protection.

Kittens can leave cattery after 4month old and come with 2 PCR vaccinations, microchip, pedigree ANFI, health certificate, owner transfer, and contract (rabies and EU passaporto pet per abroad).  Food for the first days and a kit are included.

Cats for pet were neutered/spayed before departure




 Adult cats rehoming